Our breeding goal

To me, responsible breeding is distinguishes by good health above all else. This means that we have many tests done. From HD/ED/OCD X-rays, to all currently existing genetic tests and eye exams. If these health results are all positive,  we will consider whether a dog is suitable for breeding.

For me personally, in addition to the breed standard of the FCI of the Border Collies, which describes character and building characteristics, it is important to breed my type Border Collie.

My breeding goal is to breed a thinking, capable and  confident type with great working skills, as well as will to please. The body should be designed to perform hard, enduring work. Every dog has strengths and weaknesses. It is important for me that these can be compensated by the respective partner and that one does not deviate from a functional build. We make every effort to objectively judge our breeding dogs in order to reach our goal. 

Since we invest a lot of effort in our dogs and seriously consider breeding partner selection and litter planning, I would like to get to know all those interested in puppies personally.

Our planned litters are aligned with our breeding goal for versatile sports and herding dogs. However, this does not mean, in reverse, that we want to breed „sports equipment“. We breed family members, who need social connections and love first and foremost. 

Official health results...

More and more often I look at glossy finish litter anouncements with a lot of health results listed. When i check these results on the breeding database from our German Kennelclub, because I am simply curious, I realise that these health results don´t exist. In most cases it means that these ED and OCD results aren´t rated by the specialist from the German Kennelclub. So these results are rated by not qualificated vet. 

Why isn´t that displayed on the litter announcement? I can only speculate. 

On our homepage you will see that all our x-ray results are rated by the German Kennelclub specialist Dr. Koch. If this is not the case, it is written there clearly. 

We want to breed healthy pups and we want to have so much informations as possible to help us to do this. 

Color? Working Abilities?

At this moment I get a lot of requests like: I am searching for a red or red merle female pup. Or: A blue eyed black white male pup. Preferably as fast as possible. 

First to say: I NEVER want to breed a special color. 

Jennifer Matyba

Mühlentalstraße 27

57629 Wied