Raising our puppies

First of all, the rearing of our puppies is only in theory.

I have a lot of thoughts on this exciting topic. Especially about how I want to shape our puppies and give them an ideal start into the world. Early support of sensory sensitivity, coordination, perception, noise habituation, different backgrounds, the puppies get to know and much more seems to me, of course, in addiction to a loving and patient character, on humans, when i think about a good breeding. 

Of course, for me, too, that the puppies grow up in the house with a Family connection and are best prepared for their new families. Our farm offers many opportunities for our dogs, as well as for our puppies. 

A generously designed spout with various surfaces, toys that promote the above-mentioned focal points an equally generous and thoughtful interior.

In order to prepare the puppies for their future home in the best possible way, our puppies get to know a lot of different sounds in the presence of their mother. It is important to us that the puppies not only everyday sounds, such as vacuum cleaners, clickers, doorbells etc., but also get to know trips in the garden, so that sounds of aircraft, cars and car horns are positively learned. 

They know in the delivery of various ready-made food and Row-food, Barf!

In order to set the first building block for a satisfied and relaxed dog life, our puppies learn frustration tolerance and problem-solving stategies already at the breeder. Especially, to promote a open, people oriented and suitable sport dogs and companion, we use a variety of sources. Recent findings, as well as an informative exchange with other breeders, seminars, etc. are used by me to create a suitable for me concept for the promotion of puppies. 


The dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more yourself - Josh Billings


Our puppies are raised with the early neurological stimulation. If you need more informations about this concept, feel free to ask me. 

If the puppys are moving they get a pedigree from Club für britische Hütehunde e.V. (FCI), a vaccination passport, with all vaccinations done, chipped, dewormed a few times and with a puppy starter package with toys and all health results from parents.  




Jennifer Matyba

Mühlentalstraße 27

57629 Wied