Pedigree-Name: Graylees Anna

Geburtsdatum: 09.12.2019

Farbe: Black-White, mottled, smooth 

Träger von: Brown, Tricolor, Dilute

Größe: 51 cm

Gewicht: 15 kg

Zuchtbuchnummer: KC: AY0911702


DNA MDR1 +/+

DNA IGS normal
DNA TNS normal

DNA NCL5 normal

DNA CEA normal (Optigen)

DNA SN normal

DNA BCG (Gonio) normal

EAOD tested 


DOK Augentest: 2021 free

Gonioskopie: 2021 free



ED 0/0

OCD free

LTV free

Spondylosis free (by vet)




 Anna Banana is a UK Import.

Cheeky, sweet, amiable, with a little penchant for the crazy. Anna always goes all out. Courageous , fearless and already equipped with great facilities on sheep, we hope that she will enrich our pack for a long time. 

As you can already guess from the pedigree, Anna shows herself very well on sheep.

She is incredibly keen on sheep,with nice flanks and is a natural outrunner. In the pack she is charismatic and uncomplicated. 

Anna has a strong substance without looking clumsy. She is an extremely well built bitch that I will certainly show in the show ring. I am very curious to see how it will develop further, but its current constitution gives an idea of fantastic things.


Jennifer Matyba

Mühlentalstraße 27

57629 Wied