Pedigree name: Good ToBe A Crasher from Borders Paradise

Date of Birth: 25.10.2013

Colour: Black-white, Rough hair

Height: 52 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Registration: VDH/ZBrH BOC 17301






CEA Carrier (tested by EVG)

DNA BCG (Gonio) normal

DOK eyetest: free 2015



ED 0/0

Crash is our first Border Collie, with who everything began. I can't imagine a better first-Border-Collie than him. He has always a sunny spirit and is very uncomplicated.

Crash is a great worker. He is easy going, fast in agility and always giving everything for his dog handler. 

Crash loves children, has no problem with nothing or anyone. He combines beauty and the sportsmanship of a real athlete.

Crash is a available stud for suitable bitches