Confirmation Shows

Since we want to breed under the "British Shepherd Club", which belongs to the VDH/FCI, we must of Course also visit exhibitions. There we have to reach twice the form value grade "Very Good". For many annoying, exhibitions offer everyone the opportunity to receive an objective assessment of their future breeding dog. 

Thus, the choice of the future partner of the breeding dog, of course, also depends on these same assessments. Ideally, the weaknesses in the building of the dog should not be reinforced, but balanced.

It´s the same with the characters. For me, who also keeps a eye on the dogs of the ISDS and also has  some double-registered dogs, an interesting picture is presented. The ISDS selects for the most partner of their breeding dogs only about performance. The building is rather considered secondary, however, a hard-working trial or farm dog is only capable of this work with a functional and good building. 

Jennifer Matyba

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