News of MegaSonixx


Today we received Hopes HD results from Dr. Ing. Koch and we are very happy about the result "HD B1". So the next step is to reinforce our kennel.

Since the bone joints of the elbows and shoulders are still open, we decided to repeat this X-rays in 1-2 months. Thus this Hope is ED and OCD free according by vet.


Today Hope receives her first "very good" at the CAC in Verl-Kaunitz with a great report.

The first step towards breeding bitch is made. We are overjoyed.

Love & Beat

The first litter of our kennel is within reach. Everything is prepared, many things are bought and lists created. 

Now we are waiting eagerly for the litter box, which is an essential part of a kennel as a center of the first weeks. 

The tension increases noticeably and we are looking forward to the upcoming time.

Jennifer Matyba

Mühlentalstraße 27

57629 Wied