Pedigree-Name: MegaSonixx Amazing Shape of You

Geburtsdatum: 21.05.2020

Farbe: Black white, mottled, smooth

Träger von: Brown, maybe tricolor

Größe: 47 cm

Gewicht: 12,5 kg

Zuchtbuchnummer: VDH/ZBrH BOC 24454

DNA MDR1 +/+ by parentage

DNA IGS normal by parentage
DNA TNS normal by parentage

DNA NCL5 normal by parentage

DNA CEA normal by parentage

DNA SN normal by parentage

DNA BCG (Gonio) normal by parentage


DOK Augentest: free 2020

Gonioskopie: folgt


HD folgt

ED folgt

OCD folgt

Shape is our first born puppy.

She is 100% her mother Hope and a little bit of her father, our amazing Beat. She steals the toys from her daddy, keeping her uncle Crash very busy and is still the one and only from her mommy Hope.

She is naughty, perky, lovely, loves cuddles and has a lot of will-to-please.

I am looking forward to her future in our family.