Pedigree-Name:  Denwyn Hope

Geburtsdatum: 30.01.2018

Farbe: Black-white mottled, Smooth coated

Carrier: Tricolor

Größe: 48 cm

Gewicht: 16,5 kg

Zuchtbuchnummer: KC: AV0904719

                                          ISDS: 00/356389

DNA MDR1 +/+

DNA IGS normal
DNA TNS normal

DNA NCL5 normal

DNA CEA normal

DNA SN normal

DNA BCG (Gonio) normal 

DNA EAOD normal

MyDogDNA panel completely normal


DOK Augentest: 2019, 2021 free

Gonioskopie: 2019 free



ED 0/0

OCD free


Hope is a Wales Import.

Sometimes, i believe, some journeys in life are simply fateful, and so was by hope. I couldn´t have imagined her better or different, because she is perfect for us just as she is. She fits in perfectly with our Family with her tremendous natural and social style.

She is just the right mix of naughty and nice. A little miss who knows exactly what she wants, how she wants and when she wants it, without being stubborn or biased. Willigness to learn and a high level of Will to please distinguish her. A little mouse with big ego, self-confidence, affection and absolutely the potential to become a sould dog of mine.

I am looking forward to her future and my feeling tells me, that her strengths will lie in agility as well as in herding.


Hope developes into a lightful, stylish bitch. In character she is a strong minded bitch, and for me, a absolute sweetheart.

Jennifer Matyba

Mühlentalstraße 27

57629 Wied